I pooped today! & the best (& worst) of rude t-shirts.

Dear Math, I am not your therapist. Solve your own problems.

I’m not drunk, I’m awesome!

When I fart, you will be the second to know.
Get me drunk & enjoy the show.
I pooped today!
Paddle faster, I hear banjos.
T-shirt slogans, sure have changed.
Rude & controversial ones have always been around, but now with the Internet…they have become a much larger mass market.  I have attached  links for a few that will amaze and repel you.
Some will make you laugh, some will make you sick……plain witty is in there but in smaller quantities.
Having said that…
I have always believed that T-shirt printers should not be critics….we print them, we don’t wear them.
Artists traditionally don’t like censorship. I am one of those.
Freedom of speech and all that.
We have printed some real train wrecks (dirty, suggestive, weird) …but luckily, nothing too morally offensive (intolerant, bigoted or sexist etc.).
T-shirts, well, they can get your message out…. LOL
Whatever your message.

Some of the above slogans are tame compared to what you will see on the sites listed below.

Brace yourself.
Believe it or not, “t-shirt hell.com” (once the rudest printed t-shirt site) has calmed down a bit, after the owner was threatened a zillion times and possibly poisoned!…really! Look it up on wikipedia under “t-shirt hell”. The guy that owns that company is into really really shameless self marketing (….as opposed to my own shameless self marketing). So we don’t know that the poisoning wasn’t a publicity stunt.
 But I digress….
If you visit the sites you will laugh, you will groan & you will be grossed out or disgusted.
Really, I kid you not….these sites can offend anyone!
If they don’t offend you in some small way…. call me on it.
I suspect there are worse sites….I just didn’t feel a need to pursue them.

Brace yourself…

And guess what???!       I pooped today!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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