Textile Screen Printing – Blog Opener & a little ranting

Tracey Johnston-Aldworth here……just started this blog to rant, educate, talk in general & answer your questions (if I can) about the textile screen printing industry.

Traces Screen Printing Ltd (my company) has been in biz since October 1985 … I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about textile screen printing in my 26 years.

Like all businesses we are judged by the worst of our industry. And there is some really poor product out there … it ticks me off that I get customers with behavioral issues because they have been screwed around by technically challenged screen printers & screen printers who won’t be accountable for bad jobs.

Having said that….if you feel like you have been victimized by a textile screen printer….did you double check the contract / work order you had with that company?? As a customer, you have accountability to assume whatever you sign off on is what you get. Oh yes you do! The textile screen printer is accountable to the same contract as well. Oh yes they do! This is pretty standard across the print market, as far as I know.

No bitching or whining if you didn’t double check all your spelling & details. You have no idea how many misspelled  names I have seen in my day. Eeeeeek! And to you screen printers who have f’d up ….suck it up & take care of your customer!

No contract or work order from your textile screen printer?? Walk away quickly!!! You have to have some agreement of what exactly is going to happen to your shirts, what colour and style they are etc. etc. ….and an understanding of all charges before the order is started. Come on people…this protects everyone.

Anyhoo….. this is my opener … please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments.

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