You can’t pull orders out of your ass if your head is in there.

Another rush job…..eeeeeek!

Always another rush job…..*sigh*!

Time to get your head out of your ass and realize that rush service comes with every job & your companies ability to perform under pressure is duly noted & assessed by your customer.

A good customer will recognise, appreciate & retain  the memory of your great effort. Yay them!
A bad one won’t but, oh well, that also comes with the territory.

The difference between you and your competitors can be a very fine line.
Lots of companies are good…. be a great one!

Your customers, sometimes, will need prompt & impressive delivery … AKA “the rush job”. Period. Man up (or woman up as the case may be) & get going!

If your customer is in a jam…& if you can’t  or won’t do their rush jobs, one of your competitors will!

Or one of your competitors will get the order next time.
Don’t think your customers won’t be spiteful.
If you have a long standing customer who rarely asks for any special service…well, they may feel that you should be accommodating them…right or wrong doesn’t matter…but their perception does matter.

Personally, I hate, hate, hate giving orders away…. every order I take is one we get….& another order my competition doesn’t get.
So… I want every good order that comes along.
Does that sound fanatical? Well… I hired my employees and it is my obligation to keep them working. I need my income… so good performance needs to be front & centre in my brain.

A little OT by staff who understand they are making their “work” a better supplier & that their personal value just went up in the eyes their appreciative boss (appreciative being the key word here).
A good employer shows appreciation to the aforementioned ambitious employee. We all need a reason to work hard….a paycheque just isn’t enough…although deep down we all believe it should be.
A hearty thank-you is good.
Incentives are better!
Reachable incentives for your staff, might be the difference between being good & bring great. Everybody like a personal challenge with a reward at the end. Yeah, baby! Bring on the rewards!
I am proud my small company, Traces Screen Printing Ltd. offers profit sharing & a Trip Incentive…..and we have to work damn hard for it. My staff are kick ass!

Ok….back to your customer….
Get your head out of your ass. Do that rush order! Make your customers look like a hero to their companies… they should well love you and give you a chance to quote all their work (in theory, LOL).

Good customers are just that…the folks who are enjoyable to work with, pay their invoices on time & who you enjoy doing a good job for. How can it not be satisfying to pull an order out of your ass?

Having said that….
there are those customers who are always in a rush, never plan well in advance and will repeatedly ask for the “world on a plate”.
I am not speaking of those customers…. they need to get their heads out of their respective asses & start planning ahead … they rely on thier suppliers to salvage their poor planning & bail their butts (avec head.) out of trouble …… not good.

Said bad customers usually, also (and in no particular order) … rarely pay on time, are lousy at communicating, make you feel like you are never doing enough for them….not fast enough nor good enough….& never, ever cheap enough.

Bad customers will be another blog for another time. Bwah hahahahahhahaha (that was my evil laugh)

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