We pride ourselves on our award-winning environmentalism and environmental sustainability... We care about the environment. We want to ensure it will be pristine for our children.

Early in our history, we mandated a commitment to helping the environment by reducing waste. The result has been a marked increase in waste being broken down before reaching landfill and substantial savings in resources like hydro and water consumption.

Traces has been influential in making our suppliers more environmentally accountable too. The bottom line, it makes our business more successful, costs you less, and helps us maintain a sustainable environment for everyone. Check out our awards. We have been featured in a 16-minute video entitled “Stop Waste from Adding Up”, produced by the Association of Municipal Waste Management.

All of the brands we carry have their own environmental standards. We like to ensure that all our suppliers have a system in place for environmental sustainability and the ethical treatment of their workers. If you're curious about the environmental footprint of the garment you're ordering, we can hook you up with the social responsibility info for the company in question.

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